When a death has occurred or is near


  • Contact Purelife Memorial Service. Our funeral consultant is available to discuss with you on necessary funeral arrangements for your bereaved love one;
  • If your loved one passed on at his/her residence, we will arrange for certified doctor to go to your residence to certify the death. Doctor will issue you the certificate of cause of death;
  • If your loved one passed on at the Hospital, you must obtain a certificate of cause of death from doctor;
  • To report to police station for death certificate;
  • To decide on cremation/ burial arrangement;
  • To bring along decease’s dentures (if any) and 2 sets of clothing and foot wear to be used for embalmment;
  • Purelife Memorial Service funeral consultants will take care of the rest of the funeral arrangement.

You can call our Purelife hotline.

We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service, please call 019-3299203 (Mr. KC Chan), 012-2733660 (Ms. MC Lam).